(By Eve Bushman) A few months ago I made a formal announcement about the types of wine classes/tasting I can present, and it dawns on me now that some of these would be perfect for that host or hostess that wants to do something different for their holiday themed parties.

So if you like out-of-the-box ideas for your home parties why not try letting me warm up your group for the first hour with:

Wine Tasting for Beginners

From how to select wine to all the other “how-tos” such as opening a bottle, serving, testing for cork taint, detecting aromas, flavors and making a general conclusion as to the quality of the wine.

Single Varietal Wine Tasting

Learn how to discern what you like in, say a Chardonnay, by tasting several from different areas, winemakers and oak treatments.

How to Taste like a Sommelier

Beyond a beginner’s class, learn what we do in examining a wine. This does include learning to spit so that you can taste several wines in one sitting, as well as making a quick educated decision about the quality of a particular wine.

Wine and Food (appetizers, main and/or dessert) Pairing

Wine is not just something to rinse the palate between bites of food. Learn how some wines complement food while others can actually make your food taste bad.

Chocolate Tasting

This can be a revelation, not just a sweet treat. By moving from dark to light chocolate, some with dried fruit and nuts, you will be surprised at how quickly your palate can be educated on chocolate as it is by wine. (Wine can be included.)

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