The following is the West Ranch crime Report for the week of 08/07/17 to 08/20/17.

Burglary (Vehicle) - 26100 Quartz Meza Lane
Person(s) entered the victim’s vehicle and stole his center console organizer containing $300.00 in miscellaneous gift cards.  Person(s) unknown then used two of the gift cards at a local coffee shop.
Assault - 25300 The Old Road
The victim and suspect (roommates) were involved in an argument in which the suspect pushed the victim to the floor and kicked her several times in the head. The suspect was arrested for Assault.

Attempt Burglary - 25300 Silver Aspen Way
Person(s) unknown attempted to pick the deadbolt lock of victims home.  No entry was made.


Petty Theft (Vehicle) - 25300 Playa Serena Drive
Person(s) unknown entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and stole her passport and cell phone cord.
Burglary (Shoplifting) - 24800 Pico Canyon Road
A male adult exited the location with 5 miscellaneous items which he did not pay for.  No arrest made. Total loss $40.00.
Tip of the Week: The Heat is Back!
This weekend and for the remainder of the week, we will be experiencing extremely hot weather with temperatures over 100 degrees.  If you’re going to be out and about, be sure to carry an adequate amount of cool water, especially if you are going to be out walking, running, hiking, or cycling.

Remember, the temperature inside your vehicle when parked and not running, will be 20-30 degrees higher than the outside temperature.  NEVER leave your pets or children inside a vehicle unattended.  If you are going to be out shopping or running errands, leave your pets at home, and bring your children inside the businesses with you.
Take care, and be safe.