Bring accountability to your hospital stay

You or your loved one has been hospitalized.  For most, this is an unfamiliar road. Beware, as nowadays hospitals are run like drive-thru restaurants. 

My advice:  Bring with you a yellow legal pad and either you or a family member take notes.  Write down everyone’s name you come in contact with, and ask for business cards from any medical consultants.  Make sure you identify the role everyone is playing in your care, from those cleaning your room to the surgeon making an incision.  

Ask for and write down lab and test results, and make sure there is one physician “quarterback” running the show and answering all questions (known as the “Attending Doctor”).  

Believe me, if a drive-thru forgets your french fries, you will let them know.  Hospitalization means your health is in jeopardy.  

Making the hospital accountable enhances your chance of going home.

Gene Dorio, M.D.
SCV Physician Report.