Last week I asked Facebook pals to share their favorite winery experience, something that made them lifelong fans. I had a few of my own, they had many more, so this is the second group of answers. Feel free to comment on this post if you also have a memorable winery experience.

Your Favorite Winery Experiences

Denise C. - Well, you know we love Paso Robles......I won't say how many wine clubs we belong to there. But, like another comment on here we had to buy a big wine fridge and it still doesn't hold all of it. Lol. But, one of our favorites is Pear Valley! Their wine is good and not too expensive and the views are amazing!

Annette S. - Palmaz Vineyard in Napa. Unbelievable winery and phenomenal wine.

Larry M. - Merry Edwards. Wonderful Pinot Noir up in the Russian River Valley. We were brought into a private room where our own dedicated sommelier taught us about the terroir that makes the Russian River Valley unique. He then guided us through tastings of all of their current offerings. Everything was laid out beautifully with a new glass for each wine. Totally classy.

David P. - Being a Napa boy (born and raised), I have a few. My #1 would have to be getting married at V. Sattui in St. Helena back in 1993. The wedding ceremony was out on the lawn and the reception was in the cellar.

Beverly A. - When my husband and I went to Rosenthal winery tour with Ian Blackburn years ago, absolutely beautiful. Then again on the Wine101 with Ian to Karen Steinwachs/ Buttonwood Farm Winery had BBQ lunch, to name a few.

Kathie W. - My two favorites in Los Olivos - Carhartt Wine Tasting Room and Saarloos and Sons. Fabulous wine, and they both make you feel like family. Been members for years and always look forward to sharing the experience!

Mike B. - Del Dotto. My fav Napa winery. It’s the dark and musty cave experience. Cool atmosphere. Pourers are informative, entertaining, and funny. All tastings out of the barrel. Just very, very special. It’s a must-go-to every time I’m in Napa. His other tasting experience, what I call the “Italian” one,” is nice, but it’s the dark and musty I keep returning to. Would love to meet Del Dotto. I remember his infomercials from the 80s.

Michael and Lori F. - We cannot put to writing how special our tour of Robert Foley was... Lets just say his passion for music is just as strong as his passion for wine!

And I stopped into the tasting room at Quady up in Madera... Out in the Middle of nowhere (so it seemed). I can no longer remember the name of the assistant winemakers who led my tour and tasting of one, but we spent 4 hours tasting EVERY wine and port in their current release portfolio; barrel tasting dessert and port wines still aging and not yet ready to be released; and opening a half dozen bottles of the winery's library collection of vintage port wines.  
As an added bonus they had just finished their first release of "unaged" Brandy distilled from their Orange Muscat Wine.... They would not call it Grappa because it was distilled from the wine and did not include the "pressings" in the distillation... If you like Grappa this was fantastic in its lack of rough edges and smoothness.  
I left the winery with about a case of wine and Brandy I purchased... He also gave me the opened library wines and some of the current release wines to take home telling me that there is not enough foot traffic for those bottles to last till the next visitor arrives!  
That was a fantastic memory indeed!

Justin G. - I grabbed 2 of the last 1975 vintage Colheita from Kopke while in Porto. My birth year.

Vicki H. - Mallow Run Winery in Indianapolis, is a fun place to enjoy music and wine. Especially when it is Beach Boys or Beatle day.

Terri S. - Broken Earth Winery in Paso Robles. Award-winning wines (they darn near swept the Central Coast Wine Competition), friendly and knowledgeable staff, excellent pricing, Thirsty Thursday wine specials and a great picnic spot on the way into town on Highway 46 East!

Michael D. - Many years ago we took the Amtrak Coast Starlight to Seattle. They did a wine tasting on board and one of the wines we really liked was from a winery that we had never heard of - Del Dotto. A year or two later I had a business trip up at the Silverado Resort in Napa and on our way to the hotel we passed Del Dotto. Taking the tour of the caves and tasting the same grape in different types of oak was one of our favorite memories from that trip. We ordered several bottles from the actual casks that we tasted and still have some cellared to this day!

Tom H. – Frank Family in Napa the day after I proposed to Carole they treated us great...lots of good wine!

John M. - Jean-Pierre Gaussen in the Bandol area of Southern France. It was a cold day in December 2002 and my then Fiancé and I were exploring the area and stumbled on to this tiny vineyard of gnarled Mourvèdre vines. When we arrived at the Cave no one was there. Finally a a gentleman still in his pajamas peered down at us from a second story balcony and told us to come back in an hour because it was his lunch hour. We came back an hour later and the same man still in his pajamas opened the cellar and poured his wines for us to taste. It turned out the man was Monsieur Gaussen himself. We spent the next 4 hours talking and drinking wine with him with subjects ranging from the history of the Mourvèdre grape to French politics all in broken English and broken French. In a few days my wife and I along with our 10 and 8 year old kids will be visiting this tiny vineyard again. For us wine lovers a special wine is a time capsule, a message in a bottle, the very notion of terroir itself.

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