ElectionsVote “Never lend your car to anyone to whom you have given birth.”— Erma Bombeck  Poor Volkswagen is in the news. And it’s not good. They’ve been accused of falsifying a(more..)

ElectionsVote “Truth is beautiful, without doubt. But so are lies.”— Ralph Waldo Emerson (PHOTO CAPTION: What I SHOULD OF told that Cal Trans historian was that this is a photo of Paleolithic T(more..)

ElectionsVote A friend of mine long ago pointed out that there is no such thing as a small imposition. After hearing about The Toilet Paper Guy, I agree even more. Franklin Paul Crow — and you always need th(more..)

ElectionsVote (PHOTO CAPTION: About five years ago, these girls were only 7 and competed in a national dance contest in skimpy costumes and writhing in sexually suggestive moves. And, bonus question: “Was the(more..)

ElectionsVote “Due to a lack of experienced trumpeters, the end of the world has been postponed three weeks.” — Pablo Casals  The last few months, I’ve been slowly acquiring emergency (more..)

ElectionsVote “It is easier to be gigantic than to be beautiful.” — Nietzsche When I was a young man, we weren’t aware of holes in the ozone nor did we measure how long we could walk outsid(more..)

ElectionsVote (caption: from famed London street artist, Banksy)  I blame the’60s. I don’t know why. I just do. Somehow, John F. Kennedy’s bold challenge to America of “Ask not what you(more..)

ElectionsVote “I couldn’t afford the gas home so I slept in my car in the employee parking lot the whole time.” — A friend’s answer to the question:  “So what did you do on (more..)

ElectionsVote Okay, so every once in a while we have a misstep here at the SCV Beacon. This week’s Boston Report is delayed and will hopefully show up later today. But in the meantime, we do want to draw you (more..)

ElectionsVote “Last time I tried to make love to my wife, nothing was happening. So I said to her, ‘What’s the matter? You can’t think of anybody either?”— Rodney Dangerfield &n(more..)