ElectionsVote In recent years, we have had three international flights that have crashed and killed everyone in the commercial jets because a pilot wants not only to commit suicide but is insistent on taking everyo(more..)

ElectionsVote Don’t let anyone tell you no one’s watching our backs, or more succinctly, our butts.   In fact, in our last holiday season, America was the recipient of a time capsule discovere(more..)

ElectionsVote Every now and then, America will once again prove disappointing in its backsliding of racial acceptance.  Racism certainly has to be one of the dumbest things that are humanly possible. Surely to(more..)

ElectionsVote We have already in my previous column waded through a journalistic observation of young people who generally do not like human beings.  But that hardly means that they are bravely independent of (more..)

ElectionsVote As I was starting to put together a new book called “How to Like a Human Being,” which is now available in paperback at Amazon Books, the first thing I thought about were the kids who gene(more..)

ElectionsVote You may wonder – as I have asked myself – why so many fine Californian families have opted to remove their very promising student children from state public schools.  These parents ma(more..)

ElectionsVote This will be hard to believe, but believe it anyway.  One day when lesson plans were all mixed up in a high school class I was teaching I was about to assign the class a favorite essay subject of(more..)

ElectionsVote With the entire cultural overflow that comes from the nearby Jet Propulsion Laboratories, there are few communities better suited to have their young people virtually spending summer days in outer spa(more..)

ElectionsVote It has been said that the most intense American thinking is still taking place at the Institute of Advance Study at Princeton University, where Einstein used to teach.  That may be so.  But (more..)

ElectionsVote What is it like to be a new member of the Santa Clarita Council?  I have to ask this question because the words “new member of the Santa Clarita City Council” have practically been ox(more..)