SACRAMENTO- On Tuesday, Assemblyman Dante Acosta, R-Santa Clarita, responded to the Governor’s State of the State Address.

“There are two California’s: a wealthy California flush with opportunity, healthcare, great schools and smooth roads, and another California that is being left behind, drowning in the cost of healthcare, with underfunded schools and streets riddled with potholes and traffic. While the Governor has rightly acknowledged that ‘Democracy doesn’t come from the top,’ he does not seem to accept that the majority has forced a command and control style top-down economy that has been a main driver of middle and working class struggles.

“Decades of Democratic policies have given us the highest poverty rate in the nation. The wealthy are doing fine, but the rest of California is burdened by impossible housing prices or rents that eat up too much income, sky-high fuel rates, and the ballooning cost of education.

“The Governor talked a great game today, but he missed the opportunity to call out his own party which has overseen the state for decades with a policy agenda that preaches compassion, but routinely ignores the problems that truly drive poverty.

“I call on the Governor to join with me and my fellow Republicans and progress-minded Democrats to push policies that will increase organic growth in housing for renters and first time homebuyers, address the healthcare needs of all Californians, fix our crumbling roads, and educate our youth without saddling them with debt. Let’s stop playing games and fix the real problems our state faces with bottom up solutions and not chase pie-in-the-sky wasteful spending.”