LA County Library now offers free wireless printing at its 87 locations. In addition to printing from the library’s public computers, customers can now enjoy the convenience of printing directly from their laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Technology amenities are an important service provided by modern libraries. In recent years, in addition to offering free computer access and Wi-Fi connection, LA County Library made Kindle readers and laptops available at select locations to keep up with changing consumer needs. LA County Library also offers customers the ability to print 10 free pages per day, a service that has been in high demand, especially among students. In efforts to make printing at the library even more convenient for its customers, LA County Library locations are now offering free wireless printing.

“We are always looking for ways to create a better library experience for our customers, whether that be within our library walls, in the community where our customers are, or virtually at our customers’ homes,” said Skye Patrick, LA County Library Director. 

“Without this new feature, our customers would have to transfer documents to a portable drive, and access them at one of our public computers to print. Wireless printing simplifies the process, and allows our customers to print more easily. I’m hopeful that wireless printing will bring customers inside our libraries to experience the many other resources we have to offer.”

The LA County Library card and PIN is required to access this new feature. Users simply visit a web portal on a laptop or download the Smart Alec app, available on iOS and Android devices, to upload their documents or photos, and visit an LA County Library location nearby to print. Documents are held up to 24 hours after the upload, and then automatically removed from the system for privacy protection.

LA County Library customers enjoy free printing of up to 10 pages daily; each additional page is 15¢. For more information on the free wireless printing offer, visit colapublib.org/print.