(By Eve Bushman) Not exactly sure when my taste for a vodka Martini - with Domaine De Canton Ginger liqueur instead of vermouth - switched to a gin Martini…but it did. Only problem was that every bar always made them better than the ones I made at home. My first gin martinis were made with Hendrick’s gin and a bit of vermouth and bitters. Wasn’t working.

So what did I do? I turned to Facebook and asked my boozy online friends for their go to recipes. 

Robin: Stop with the vermouth.

Scott: Take the cap off of the vermouth. Pour 1/2 capful of dry vermouth into the bottle cap. Hold the bottle cap about three inches away from your martini glass filled with Gin. Whisper the word, "vermouth" softly across the cap-full... letting your breath carry the fumes into the glass. That is more than enough vermouth.

Chris: The Hendrick’s martinis may taste odd with a twist because the rose/cucumber of the Hendricks fights with the lemon oil. Garnish botanical gins (like Hendrick's Gin or Uncle Val's Handcrafted Gin) with a cucumber or sprig of something green. Citrus-forward gins (like Tanqueray) and dry gins (like Nolet’s or Beefeater) pair very well with a twist. 
And Dolin is an exceptional vermouth. Colin Blanc is my favorite dry vermouth substitute, but their dry is wonderful as well. 
When it comes to shaking: usually the rule is "if juice or egg is present, shake. If not, stir." However, many people prefer their martinis to be much more diluted than the traditional way and shake it (which ads more water).

Carlos: Less vermouth and everything must be ice cold: glass, vermouth and gin. Teaspoon of vermouth, swirl around cold glass and throw out excess.

Laura: I’m thinking that you need to throw a $20 bill down and then it will taste better.

Steve: 2 parts Nolet’s, 2 parts Hendrick’s, 1 spray from Vermouth sprayer. Shake over ice, strain into Martini glass, add straw and use straw!

Jeannie: We just go Sapphire, olive & onion. No vermouth. Perfecto.

Margaret: I love Hendrick’s, no vermouth with either a rose petal or a cucumber slice.

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