(By Eve Bushman) Okay, so yes, I got to review yet another cocktail book – by choice! Why, you may ask, as I have about a dozen or more so far, would I want another? Because I love recipe books, and not just because, as you may think, easy read/easy review. It does make for a quick read over say, The Wine Bible, but there is also – usually – something fun to learn for cocktail lovers.

This was the case with The Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy by Andy Heidel. I’d never heard of Heidel, his Way Station bar in Brooklyn (that has a TARDIS – Google Dr. Who if you don’t know what this is - for a bathroom that is, indeed, larger inside than it appears from the outside, just like the <real> thing) or his verifiably geek media inspired cocktail book.

 So, I ventured into this freaky “galaxy” created by Heidel that was inspired by his love for both old and new science fiction. I found some drinks I wanted to try – The Evil Dead, Repo and Metropolis – and others that I don’t think anyone is really meant to try – Fantastic Pour, Bender’s Bender and the Blood of Enemies. On the latter it’s because the recipes were delivered…like a punch line. Here’s one I’ve abbreviated a bit – so buy the book if you want the whole thing:

 Game of Thrones

George R. R. Martini

 2 parts gin

¼ part dry vermouth

Let sit on shelf for a year. Add ice, stir and contemplate. Come back to it later….garnish with one olive stabbed through the heart with a lemon wedge.

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