(Washington, DC) - On Wednesday, August 15, 2018 the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee's Subcommittee on National Parks held a Legislative Hearing on several bills awaiting consideration. Included was Representative Knight's (R-CA) H.R. 2156, the Representative Knight's (R-CA) H.R. 2156, and it's Senate counterpart, S. 1926, introduced by Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA).

This bill would provide for the establishment of a national memorial and national monument to commemorate those killed by the collapse of the Saint Francis Dam on March 12, 1928.

In a written testimony to the Subcommittee, Representative Knight said the following:

"The collapse of the Saint Francis Dam on March 12, 1928 remains the second largest disaster in California's history and is considered to be one of the worst American civil engineering disasters of the 20th century. Nearly twelve billion gallons of water were released due to the dam's failure and left disaster in its wake from the San Franciquito Canyon all the way to the Pacific Ociean 54 miles away. . . Our nation's civil engineers learned from this tragedy, however, and brought important enhancements to their field and made critical improvement to dam safety. . . H.R. 2156 seeks to memorialize those that perished as a result of the St. Francis Dam Disaster and would create a 440-acre national monument managed by the U.S. Forest Service at the original dam site to honor those named and still unnamed that lost their lives in this tragedy. It is important not just for the present-day area of Santa Clarita, California, but also for our nation together to remember this tragic event from our past, and continue to learn from it."

Representative Knight's full testimony can be read here.

H.R. 2156 passed the House of Representatives with unanimous support on July 11, 2017.