SCV Water is celebrating California’s second annual Water Professionals Appreciation Week

Posted on: 10/09/2018 00:00

SCV Water Celebrates Second Annual California Water Professionals Appreciation Week October 6-14, 2018, which highlights the important role of water industry professionals and local public water agencies in ensuring safe and reliable water, wastewater, and recycled water in California. “Water is the lifeblood of California, and without safe and reliable water, no community or sector of the economy can thrive or expand,” said SCV Water Board President, Bill Cooper.

SCV Water will be celebrating the week on its website and social media channels. Head over to yourSCVwater.com and visit “In the Spotlight” for more information, or connect with us on social media: Facebook and Instagram. We’ll show you what it takes to deliver water to your tap. “We turn on the faucet and the water flows,” stated SCV Water general manager Matt Stone. “We expect our water to always be available. It doesn’t just happen, though. There are professionals working round the clock to ensure safe and reliable water is delivered to our homes and businesses.”

SCV Water does more than just provide residents and businesses with water, we provide a comprehensive service that is focused on:

• Reliability. Maintaining current infrastructure and developing new infrastructure.

• Quality. Treating, monitoring and testing your water daily.

• Supply. Investing in various water supplies and planning for future water needs.

Water professionals work in a variety of fields, including, but not limited to: engineering, water treatment, finance, operations and maintenance, customer service and human resources. Cooper added, “We are excited for the opportunity to recognize and honor the important contributions SCV Water employees provide to the community.”


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