City Files Complaint Regarding Solar Panels at Canyon View Mobile Home Estates

Posted on: 09/14/2018 00:00

On Monday, September 10, 2018, the City of Santa Clarita filed a formal complaint with the Los Angeles County Superior Court, regarding solar panels installed at Canyon View Mobile Home Estates. The complaint asks the court for “preliminary and permanent injunction and declaratory relief to abate a public nuisance,” related to the solar panels. The City alleges the solar panels were installed without proper permits, in violation of the Santa Clarita Municipal Code and also in violation of Canyon View Mobile Home Estates’ conditional use permit, which states that 50% of the park needs to be maintained as open space.

The City originally provided a written Notice of Violation in July, directing the property owner to remove the solar panels. As no action was taken by the property owners to remove the panels, the City brings this legal action, alleging the property owners “have caused and maintained a continuing public nuisance on the Property in that they have constructed and are maintaining illegal Accessory Solar Panel Structures on Park Property,” in violation of the Municipal Code.

Other complaints included in the suit, allege the property owners did not obtain the necessary permits, did not submit the required geotechnical report, did not complete the required hillside development plan and are operating a power generation business within the park, which the property is not zoned for.

While the City supports efforts to move to renewable energy, the City takes seriously its responsibility to enforce conditions of approval, which are designed to protect the quality of life in Santa Clarita, balancing the need for development with the preservation of open space.


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