What Else Would You Stock Your Wine Bar With (Round-up Part Two)

Posted on: 09/14/2018 00:00

(By Eve Bushman) Last week I ran a round up article on what people thought a wine bar should stock their shelves with. This week we share even more comments on ideas for SPECIAL SECTIONS and OTHER great ideas:


These are some unique ideas for the wine bar layout:

Perhaps the same type of wine from different regions to show patrons how different the tastes can vary.

1) Consider by region. I like what V Wine Room in West Hollywood does. They only serve CA wines. I like this because they highlight local wineries that I can easily visit. 2) A second idea is to have a Garagiste section. I'd go out of my way to visit the wine bar if they had a selection I couldn't get somewhere else.

Another idea. It might be too progressive, but "recommended by" section.

I mostly stick to whites, so I’m always happy to find a selection of Viognier and Albariño in addition to the ubiquitous Pinot Grigio and Chardonnays.

In our travels, we have tasted some of the most incredible wines from small local producers. I would like to see a collection of wines from all parts of the world, and one which reflects due diligence on the part of the owner(s) and/or tasting panel. Burgundy, Tuscany, Spain, South Africa to name a few. Regional based tastings are always great for learning and discovering the essence of a given wine region.

A well curated, balanced collection of old and new world with a focus on smaller California wineries.

I’d love to see small producers from varying regions, including selections from France/Spain, etc. Things you’ll never find unless you really go hunting.

A selection of both Old and New World wines!


No specific category for these, just great opinions:

Any list with some thought behind it intrigues me. It’s just so obvious when they just throw all the regulars on the list from a distributors line up.

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