Knight Introduces Aerospace FAA Research Legislation Bill

Posted on: 07/14/2017 00:00

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) –Representative Steve Knight (CA-25) introduced legislation that would directly grant the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) additional support for research, engineering, and development programs relating to aviation.

“I am proud to re-introduce in the House, the FLIGHT R&D Act,” said Rep. Steve Knight. “American innovation in flight adds many positive impacts to our security and economy, especially in Southern California. By supporting research through organizations like the FAA, we are guaranteeing our products are up to American safety standards and competing internationally.”

H.R. 3198, the FAA Leadership In Groundbreaking High-Tech Research and Development Act (FLIGHT R&D Act), would authorize funding for the FAA to study and utilize improvements in aerospace technology with the goal of advancing aviation safety, security, and economic competitiveness. Last Congress, Rep. Knight introduced similar legislation, H.R. 818, which unanimously passed the House.

“When it comes to securing the aviation system, which our economy depends on, we need to always be thinking outside the box and supporting research that provides resources for new and better technologies,” said Knight. “The FLIGHT R&D Act supports the FAA in their effort to not only advance flight technologies but create new cyber security software and innovative ways to utilize fuel that is best for our environment.

The new FLIGHT R&D Act for the 115th Congress authorizes funds to the FAA Research and Development Organization to explore advancements in unmanned aircraft systems, cyber security, environmental surveillance, and commercial aircraft. Knight’s legislation focuses largely on integrating Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into the National Airspace System. It would direct the FAA to coordinate UAS research to ensure efficient and effective use of taxpayer funding and to provide biennial report to Congress on its efforts to coordinate research and development.  Additionally, the bill includes several components to strengthen the FAA’s ability to defend against cybersecurity threats by organizing and bolstering cybersecurity research and development at the agency.

“The Antelope, Santa Clarita, and Simi Valleys all have a long history in aviation and has always provided support to the defense and aerospace industries,” said Rep. Knight. “This legislation will provide more resources to create jobs and opportunities in our valleys and I look forward to its movement through Congress.”

H.R. 3198 has been added to the complete FAA Re-authorization as Title 7 and will likely be voted on in the next few weeks.


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