Time Ranger & SCV History: Connected To The Moon & a Fake Miss Valencia

Posted on: 04/20/2017 00:00

(By John Boston) Really, I suppose a big part of what we do on these treks is to constantly unearth wonderful cocktail party trivia.

We’ve got a doozy for you this morning about how a piece of Santa Clarita is up on the moon, smiling at us. Like, right now.

We’ve got a most interesting vista ahead of us, what with our own Cool Hand Luke moment, battles for independence and an attractive nuisance call from the old Saugus Depot.

Let’s mosey.

And no posting.

It’s affected.


(PHOTO CAPTION: Here’s a little cocktail party trivia for you. Saugus was named after the birthplace of town founder Henry Mayo Newhall. Our sometimes forgotten little Massachusetts sister city is still around today. the word, “Saugus,” comes from the Narragasut Indian word meaning: “sandy spit of land.” They got the spit right. Just kidding, saddlepals. Just kidding.)


• On April 18, 1899, Richard and Martin Wood started the Saugus Cafe inside the Saugus Train Depot. They had signed papers, taking over the little eatery in the northeast corner of the depot back in January but apparently served the first meal under the new title on the April 18 date. The restaurant actually was opened on September 1, 1887, under the ownership of James Herbert Tolfree. Interesting name for a business in a train depot.

Speaking of Saugus, we just got our mitts on an obscure correspondence from 1923, noting that John Fremont used to run a trading post in this area in the mid-1800s where he “...used to intercede for the Red Man and interpret the White, or vice versa.”

APRIL 20th, 1927

• This was our own Newhall Spin & Marty Moment. A 14-year-old car thief from Kern County was apprehended when he tried the same stunt at Gene Doty’s grandpa’s Ford Dealership. Jesse Doty gave chase but couldn’t catch the freckled-faced perp. Four local youths — the Cheney Bros. Harry and Rob, Bob Matthews and Irwin Kee, took up the chase, tackled the kid and held him down until someone brought back the sheriff.

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