Assessor Jeffrey Prang has released new, web-based resources for realtors and other real estate professionals. The new “Real Estate Professionals Toolkit” tab on the Assessor’s website (assessor.lacounty.gov/real-estate-professionals-toolkit) features information intended to educate these professionals on the property assessment system and to inform clients of the opportunities and challenges associated with purchasing and owning property in the County of Los Angeles.

The website includes public education information that realtors are encouraged to share with clients and prospective clients through their on-going marketing campaigns. Examples of the type of information featured on this website include property tax-saving measures, such as the Homeowner’s Exemption and how to transfer property to children or grandchildren without being re-assessed, and information about the risk of re-assessment when transferring property into a trust or an LLC.

“Knowledgeable real estate professionals are critical when purchasing and owning real estate in the County of Los Angeles,” said Assessor Prang. “The Office of the Assessor can be a valuable resource to better educate these professionals, who are also great message carriers for the programs and services we provide,” he continued. “Creating a stronger partnership with real estate professionals helps the County, the real estate industry, and most importantly the tax-paying public.”

Much of the information now available on the Assessor’s website, including that tailored toward real estate professionals, is the result of collaboration between the Office of the Assessor and local Associations of Realtors.