(By Chris Sahrp) I am not intending to be mean here, or smooth.  However, America may soon be forced to change its basic composition to accommodate our new president, Donald “I Did It My Way” Trump.   America – and Americans – will need to be served by a conventional president that Americans still need.

And it’s starting to look like Mike Pence may have to be the one who actually works with Americans who need a traditional, non-kooky person to be there for them.  Not as a president – because Donald Trump has been elected president, remember. But it looks like Mike Pence may have be our co-president for the next four years, at least, so that we can have at least one president who could talk to Americans about America thoroughly and respectfully, outside of Twitter aphorisms.

So what kind of co-president would Mike Pence be?

If we have listened during the presidential campaign, we at least know what kind of a vice president he expects to be.  In fact, that was broadcast on the ABC new program This Week when Pence was interviewed by Martha Raddatz on September 18:

“GOP vice presidential candidate Mike Pence said his role model for the number two spot is the last Republican to hold the job – Dick Cheney.

‘I frankly hold Dick Cheney in really high regard in his role as vice president and as an American’” Pence said on ABC’s ‘This Week.’

Pence said that, like Cheney, he hoped to be ‘a very active vice president.’”

But what exactly does that mean, that Pence would be like Dick Cheney?  In fact, I had sometimes heard of Cheney being described as a “co-president” because of all the work he did in national security following the 9/11 attack on America.  I think it was an unprecedented load of administrative time and action for any American vice president in history. Added to this that President Bush had a sort of light-hearted and charming quality of a king while Cheney presented in contrast as a more serious presentation of a prime minister who did the work to keep the nation going.

More seriously, Bush seemed to have a kind of ADHD quality that he was also supposed to be known to have had at Harvard, Yale and the Air Force National Guard.  An elevated Dick Cheney to keep an eye on what was happening in America and the world seemed to emerge during the Bush administration as a national necessity.

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