(By Chris Sharp) I admit that I sometimes say stupid things.  In fact, I may even be saying some stupid things right here in this space.  But most people don’t realize they are being stupid because their stupidity shields them from seeing what they are doing.  That may be true of me as well

But I am also consoled that my essential averageness is also making any stupid things I say relatively harmless.  This would not be true if I were not just an average guy but I were instead the president of the United States.  If I were, the stupid things I say now would not be absorbed in the nothingness of my present invisibility, but would instead be repeated of the front pages of America’s most famous newspapers.

This is one of the many reasons why I have never in even the worst lapse of sanity – run for the office of President of the United States (although I once did run for a local school board seat.).  I do not want to see any chance of anything stupid that I may say being repeated all over the country like it’s the hottest news of the day.

This is also why it is important that America have a president who is actually a responsible person, rather than some deranged guy who is really only passionate about verbally flipping other people off.

Usually, the worst that can happen when I get to talking that stupid is that my wife will take away my daily cookie.

But imagine that for some ridiculous reason I was made president of the United States, and I took that to mean that I now had license to talk more stupidly than I have ever in my life.

That is the problem that that the United States of America has today with a certain President Trump.

Imagine, for example, that as an old man, and a Native American, you are invited to the White House ostensibly to be honored for your service to your nation as a soldier in World War II. Instead, you discover it is all a set-up to get a gathering of Native-Americans so that the most noted draft-dodging president in history can call some political opponent "Pocahontas." Yes, that is what Washington has fallen to today.

But that has been one of the least of this child-man’s public outbursts.

I understand that Trump is from the New York City Burroughs of Queens, as I was in Queens for a number of years. And I remember how the people of Queens can talk.  But the more mentally healthy people of Queens save their worst talk for the local bars. Trump has instead been saving up all of his worst talk for the Oval Office.

The result is this present terrible tearing of America.

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