The Castaic Lake Water Agency want to know if you heard of a smart controller? Much like a smart phone, a smart controller can make your life so much easier. How much water does your grass need in the winter? How can you irrigate to avoid run-off? How can you make sure your controller shuts off in the rain? The smart controller knows.

For each zone (or valve) of your yard, a smart controller allows you to program the soil type (it’s probably clay), the plant type, the irrigation type (most likely spray heads) and the degree of slope. Then you mount an on-site weather station on your eaves or in your backyard and it takes the temperature each hour. At midnight, the weather station sends the data to the controller, and the next day, your controller irrigates to replenish the water lost on the previous day.

What do you need to do to get the controller?

Here are 4 easy steps to get your free controller to start saving water:

1. Visit scvh2oprograms.com to register by validating your water company account.

2. Select the Weather Based Irrigation Controller Program under Current SCV Family Programs tab.

3. Take the online class and test to receive a voucher for your free weather based irrigation controller.

4. Redeem the voucher at Ewing, an irrigation distributor, Santa Clarita branch.