When it comes to choosing plants for the SCV landscape,  a trip to the local nursery can overwhelm you with choices.  How do you know which plants are right for you?

The process of choosing plants begins with a few very important questions:

1.Do you have enough room for the plant to grow to full size?

2.What colors, scent, texture, taste do you like or dislike?

3.What do you want from the plant (flowers, shade, fruit, vegetables, scent)?

The other major factor that will influence your choice is your site conditions (sun/shade balance and soil type).

In the SCV, even plants that are rated for “full sun” will prefer some afternoon shade.  The typical soil type here is clay, so plants that prefer “well drained soil (i.e. sandy)” tend to suffer from root ailments.

The CLWA’s conservatory Garden has been growing plants under these conditions for many years now and is a good place to see examples of plants adapted to the harsh SCV growing conditions. Join us in our garden class on March 16th at 9 a.m. to noon at 27234 Bouquet Canyon Road for Beautify Your Yard with Annuals and Perennials where we will treat these topics in depth.