The City of Santa Clarita has created a platform for our residents to access the most current information on federal and state bills upon which the City Council has adopted formal positions. On October 30, the Legislation page went live. This new webpage, located on the City of Santa Clarita’s website at santa-clarita.com/Legislation features information on current legislation upon which the Santa Clarita City Council has taken positions. These are priority issues and matters that impact the City’s ability to operate effectively, promote City interests and protect local authority.

            Listed are federal and state bills that the City Council has taken a position on this year, during the current federal and state legislation sessions. Each bill listed on the webpage includes a link to the bill text, the City’s staff report, letters to legislators and the status of the bill. A summary of each bill is provided as well with a concluding statement on the City Council’s position taken. In addition, when a bill is vetoed by the governor, a link will take you to the veto letter for more information. Each bill is consolidated and separated according to its category under federal or state legislation.

            Staff will continually update the legislation web page as the City Council continues to take a stance on future bills. If there are any questions regarding the site, contact Michael Murphy, Intergovernmental Relations Manager, at (661) 255-4384 or mmurphy@santa-clarita.com.