When Valencia Wine Company opened some 14 or so years ago many people told owner Guy Lelarge that they had the same idea: open the first wine bar in the Santa Clarita Valley for tastings, purchases, advice, classes and private parties. I was one of the first visitors, and a regular for at least the first ten years. In that time I tasted a lot and learned a lot. My article footer below didn’t even exist, and one of the first wine articles I did for the Signal newspaper (now not even available in their archives) was on Valencia Wine Company.

We had done several videos over the year, talking about upcoming dinners, 10 year anniversary and classes, but we had the most fun with a brief series of “Shi- Wine People Say” videos. This is #1 that has nearly 1k views, #2 has wine educator Denise Lowe trying to educate an old friend of mine, #3 with winemaker Shawn Halahmy and Denise Lowe joking about tasting Pinot Noir and #4 jokingly tackled what people say before they spit.

From Eve’s Wine 101

A search of our Eve’s Wine 101 website showed that there are no less than EIGHTY NINE mentions of Lelarge in our articles. I looked them over – and this took some time and a few tissues. These are just a few from my trip down memory lane if you’d like to join me:

As the owner of the longest running wine bar and retail shop in town, Guy Lelarge continues to take it up a notch.  He recently announced that he has selected Amazon to run their international wine club…(more)

Guy Lelarge, and your friends at Valencia Wine Company, are welcoming spring in a whole new way: they’ve just announced their first-ever mid-year over-the-top wine tasting event for…(more)

Guy, Thank you again for including me, and Signal readers through me, into your elite event last night. Meeting winemaker Mitch Cosentino and tasting his wines along Chef Otto’s fine cuisine was no less than stellar! Yours, in wine and out, Eve…(more)

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