(By Eve Bushman) In covering the best whiskey event in the U.S., I would be remiss in not sharing the latest additions to the 2018 event’s master class schedule. These classes will take place throughout the day on Saturday April 7 at the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas. Will I see you there?

Master Classes at the Nth

Our Master Classes are just one of the many features of Nth 2018 that makes this the ultimate luxury whisky event of the year! A true appreciation for fine whisky is only heightened by skilled tutelage from experts in the field. World-renowned brand ambassadors offer their proficiency, experience and expertise to enrich your love, enjoyment and knowledge of premium whiskies.

Discussions and tastings are part of this exclusive experience.

Our popular Master Classes are available a la carte with the purchase of a Connoisseur, Companion or as part of the Nth 2018 High Roller Ticket and promise to sell out quickly. Be sure to secure your Master Class selections early to avoid disappointment.

Note: Please make sure that each Master Class is purchased in the correct session, with no purchase of duplicate classes in the same session.

SESSION ONE 12:30–2pm


Exquisite Cask Curation, Hosted by Richard Paterson of The Dalmore 
The Dalmore has secured exclusive access to some of the rarest and most exquisite casks in the world. In this seminar, legendary whisky maker Richard Paterson, who has pioneered methods in maturation, will guide an exclusive tasting experience, illustrating how these pinnacle sherry, port and fine wine casks deliver unrivalled depth and elegance to The Dalmore Single Malt Whisky.

Journey to Jura, Hosted by Craig Bridger of Jura

Jura Whisky is handcrafted on the Isle of Jura, a rugged, elemental island nestled sixty miles off the West Coast of Scotland. Home to less than 200 people, the island boasts one road, one pub and one distillery. Established in 1810, the Jura distillery produces award-winning whiskies as unique as the island it comes from. In this seminar, Craig Bridger will take you on a virtual journey to Jura Whisky’s unique island home and taste you on three of the most innovative cask finished whiskies on the market: Jura 10, Jura Seven Wood and Jura 18.

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