Somebody noticed that I’ve added brown spirits to my “likes” along with all things in the wine department. Maybe it’s because I’m hungry for more single spirit vendors to join us for Cocktails on the Roof 2017 too. Either way, I don't care! Come along on this ride with me and you may see that it’s just as pleasant to sip and contemplate a fine brown spirit as it is a fine wine. I have two today for review:

Bib and Tucker Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

Aroma: Wood, sawdust, musk, coconut, sweet cream, vanilla bean, flan dessert; no nose burn.

Flavor: Smoky, sweet, char, raisins, milk, toffee, dark chocolate and with a low to medium burn on the finish.

Conclusion: Really liked this, a nice sipper on its own, very balanced, 94 Eve pts.

About Bib & Tucker Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

Named for the finery one would wear for special occasions back in the day, the six-year aged BIB & TUCKER bourbon has a host of antiques, new saddle leather, chamomile-soaked butterscotch drops and warm cinnamon-kissed cedar. If that doesn't bring up images of Americana, the flavor profile mirrors the nose, urging on that sense of peace, harmony and balance: all the good things you taste and should feel, while sipping a great 92-proof bourbon.


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Masterson’s 10-Year-Old Straight Rye Whiskey

Aroma: Butterscotch hard candy, golden delicious apple, clove, cinnamon stick, brown sugar, brown butter, caramel; no nose burn.

Flavor: Spicy, caramel apple, sharp bite, viscous, a honeyed finish with a medium burn.

Conclusion: Very pleasant, can happily sip alone, 92 Eve pts.

About Masterson’s 10-Year-Old Straight Rye Whiskey

William “Bat” Masterson did it all and did it well. And what better way to honor such a rarefied man than with a truly exceptional whiskey.


@mastersons on Instagram

About 3 Badge Mixology

Named after old fire service badges from the Sebastiani family, 3 Badge Beverage Corporation is built upon a philosophy of commitment and craftsmanship. The company is led by 4th-generation vintner, August Sebastiani, out of an old fire station in Sonoma, California - the very same station his grandfather helped build and where his father volunteered. With its strong portfolio of award winning beverages, you’ll be sure to find something you can be proud to serve. After all, our duty is craftsmanship.



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