(By Chris Sharp) I am sure many of you remember Dr. Lee Rogers.  He was the tall and rather young-looking podiatrist who decided to run for Congress on the Democratic ticket in 2012 for California’s 25th Congressional over five years ago against the highly institutionalized Buck McKeon, who was the Republican chair of the powerful House Armed Services Committee.  Rogers gave McKeon the political race of his life, even making McKeon’s face go bright red on a one-on-one debate.  It even seemed this too-close-for-comfort election experience against Rogers while retaining McKeon’s seat that year helped convince Buck not to seek re-election two years later.

So what we learned from that election is that this Dr. Lee Rogers can be a pretty devastating debater when he wants to be.

Little did I know that I would be debating Dr. Rogers myself a half dozen years later on my little old Facebook Timeline.

I even forgot that Dr. Rogers was one of my long-time Facebook friends.  It turns out he signed up as a Facebook friend of mine after I had interviewed him for this column in this very same space about six years ago.  But he has been such a quiet Facebook friend that I had no idea I would provoke him with one of my Facebook posts earlier this year.

The post concerned my long-time suspicion of the way autism over the past 50 years has accelerated in time with the acceleration that has taken place in the same time period of high mercury preservatives in vaccinations among very young and physically vulnerable children.  I admit that coincidence is all that I have one this subject – this very coincidental parallel between powerful new vaccinations and a powerful new plague of autism in America over the last 50 years.

But any lack of confirming evidence hardly makes me feel complacent.  This is because I have been teaching so many autistic children over the past decade and I am wondering more and more where so many autistic children are coming from.  And it is not just the increase of autism.  It is the increase in the bi-polar component as well.  And why are so many of our generation’s children shooting up our schools now, and why is there generally so much mental illness around now?

Dr. Rogers began the debate by answering a post I had submitted of that claimed the nation’s Amish avoided the current plague of American autism by refusing to allow their young children to submit to today’s high-mercury vaccinations.  So, Dr. Rogers, right from Facebook this past February 8 wrote:

I’m sorry. It’s just not true.

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