The following crimes were reported in West Ranch during the week of April 16- 22, 2018 as compiled by Deputy Kevin Duxbury:

Battery: Constitution Avenue / Pico Canyon Road 
A male juvenile punched the victim (bus driver) and called him racial names after he missed his stop. The subject was detained for battery and released to his father. 

Tip of the week: Where can a Therapy/Comfort Pet be Taken? 

I have often responded to calls concerning therapy/comfort animals regarding whether or not they are considered ‘service dogs’ and have the same rights as service dogs. In fact, they do not. Service Dogs are animals that are specifically trained to do some type of work such as a seeing-eye dog or seizure alert dog. These animals are highly trained in their field by specialty trainers, and are extremely expensive. They are required to wear a special license, as well as a vest with the animal’s identification and the owner’s identification. These animals are covered under the American Disabilities Act (ADA) (ada.gov) and are permitted to go anywhere with the exception of a sterile operating room or burn center (for contamination reasons). Therapy/comfort animals with no specialty training are classified as ‘pets’ and therefore fall under all laws and regulations regarding pets. They must have a collar with their license at all times (as all dogs m ust) (LCMC 53.28). Additionally, they are NOT allowed in any business that sells or serves food, such as grocery stores or restaurants (FDA Food Code 6-501-115). For businesses or public buildings which do not serve food, it is at their discretion if they want to allow pets into their facilities or not for safety or cleanliness reasons. Claiming that an animal is a service dog, when in fact they are not, is a misdemeanor crime. (Service Dog Fraud, 365.7(a) PC) 

There are a lot of websites out there that can have different information. Beware of these as their information is not always accurate. If you have any questions regarding what qualifies a dog as a legitimate service dog, you can visit the American Disabilities Act website at ada.gov