Here is the West Ranch Crime Report as compiled by Deputy Kevin Duxbury of the SCV Sheriff Station for the week of January 8, 2018:


Attempt Robbery:  25400 block The Old Road
A female adult attempted to leave the location with multiple cans of baby formula she did not pay for. When stopped by store employees, she hit them with her shopping cart and then left the area without the items. The suspect left her purse in her shopping cart which contained her identification.
Grand Theft (Auto):  25300 block The Old Road
Person(s) unknown stole the victim’s jacket containing the keys to his vehicle (2017 Toyota Corolla).  Person(s) unknown then stole the victim’s vehicle. The vehicle was later recovered in an apartment complex parking lot nearby.
Grand Theft (Auto), Theft by Access Card:  25300 block Silver Aspen Way
Person(s) unknown entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and stole his wallet containing his debit/credit cards, and a spare set of keys to the victim’s 2014 Chevrolet Impala Person(s) unknown then stole the victim’s Chevrolet Impala.  Person(s) unknown then used the victim’s debit/credit cards to make numerous purchases at numerous locations totaling $1,529.00.  
Petty Theft (Shoplifting):  25400 The Old Road
Two male adults placed 28 video game cartridges into a backpack that they took from the store display and attempted to exited the store without paying for the items. They were arrested for petty theft shoplifting.
Petty Theft (Vehicle):  25300 block The Old Road
Person(s) unknown entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and stole her make-up bag and cell phone.  
Burglary (Residential):  25300 block Fitzgerald Avenue
Person(s) unknown entered the home through an unlocked garage door and stole two laptop computers and two ‘X-box’ game systems.  
Tip of the week: Avoiding Vehicle Burglaries
Most criminals who are looking to steal items from a vehicle are looking for the easy targets.  Most commonly known as a ‘smash and grab’, the burglars are looking for high value items that are in plain sight which can be easily and quickly taken after finding an unlocked door or smashing a window.  Imagine the costs and inconvenience of not only having to replace a smashed window, but also having to replace your driver’s license, credit/debit cards, laptop, cell phone, etc.  Here are some great tips to help prevent being a victim of a vehicle burglary.

  1. ALWAYS lock your vehicle when left unattended.
  2. Never leave your wallet or purse in your vehicle and in plain view when leaving your vehicle unattended.
  3. If you use a portable GPS, remove it from the dash or windshield and place it in your glovebox or trunk when leaving your vehicle unattended.
  4. Never leave any high value items (laptops, cell phones, jewelry, tools) inside your vehicle in plain view while unattended.  If you cannot carry those items with you, secure them in the trunk.
  5. Use a sunscreen in your windshield, even at night or when parked in a parking structure.  This makes it much harder for a burglar to look into your vehicle.

Remember:  Vehicle burglars usually will not break into a vehicle with the intention of ‘searching’ it in hopes of finding something of value.  This takes too long and the burglar risks being seen.  If there is no easy opportunity that is readily available for a ‘smash and grab’ thief, they will more than likely pass your vehicle and look for a better target.