The following crimes were reported last week in the West Ranch area and compiled by Deputy Kevin Duxbury of the SCV Sheriff Station:


Burglary (Vehicle) - 25700 Emerson Lane

Person(s) unknown entered his unlocked vehicle and stole his garage door opener.  The victim stated he later found his garage door open, but nothing was missing from his garage.



Burglary (Residence) - 25400 Chisolm Lane

A male adult entered the home through a window.  When the victim came home, the suspect ran out of the home and left the location in a silver mini-van.  Nothing was taken from the home.



Grand Theft (Vehicle) - 27900 Henry Mayo Drive

Person(s) unknown stole the victim’s Yamaha R-1 motorcycle.  It was later recovered in Ventura.  No arrest was made.


Tip of the Week: Securing Your Vehicle

Whenever a vehicle is left unattended, it is important to lock the doors and assure the windows are up.  Even though you may have removed everything from the vehicle that you may think is valuable, you never know what a thief will take.  Many of us keep our remote garage door openers and our registration card in our vehicles.  If a thief were to gain these two items alone, they now know where you live, and have access to your garage, and possibly your home.  Take the time, whenever you are leaving your vehicle, to assure that it is completely secures with the doors locked and the windows completely up.