(dailynews.com) Amy Moore had just called her dad from the Route 91 Harvest Music Country Festival in Las Vegas when, a minute later, she heard the quick, successive popping sounds coming from a distance. She knew it wasn’t fire crackers.

“My whole family is in law enforcement,” the 26-year-old Valencia resident said Monday. “Those gunshots sounded like I was at the shooting range.”

Panic set it, Moore said, as thousands of people either scrunched down or ran away toward the only exit on all the grounds. Gates around the port-o-potties were pushed down as people tried to get out.  As she ran, Moore lost her sandals.

“People were shot all around us, ” Moore said. “People were running for safety.”

Moore said she had gone to the concert with six friends, including her brother Kevin Moore, a 31-year-old LAPD officer. She and some of her friends became separated.  Her brother found her and her friend Christina first, found another friend,  then calmly helped the injured into ambulances, she said.

“I’m glad my brother was there,” she added.

Moore said of the 50 people she knew who attended the three-day festival, at least six were injured.

“It’s been overwhelming to me how tremendous the response has been,” Moore said. “It really warms my heart.”

She said when she called her Mom later, she felt as if angels had been watching over her and her friends.

“I’m just praying for the 50 people who died and their families,” she added.