The following West Ranch crime report for the week of 09/04/17 to 09/10/17 was compiled by Deputy Kevin Duxbury of the SCV Sheriff Station:


Robbery - 26800 The Old Road

Four male adults entered the store posing as customers and asked to see cell phones.  The suspects then pushed the employee, went behind the counter, and stole 3 Samsung Galaxy cell phones.  Total loss was $1880.00.



Burglary (Vehicle) - 25500 The Old Road

Person(s) unknown smashed the rear windows of the victim’s vehicle and stole a ‘Lenovo’ laptop computer, ‘Apple Mac-Book Pro’ laptop computer, ‘Dell’ laptop computer, ‘Apple ipad’, and various luggage items containing various clothing items and 2 bibles.  Total loss including damages was $7,870.00.


Burglary (Vehicle) - 25200 The Old Road

Person(s) unknown smashed the rear window of the victim’s vehicle and stole a black bag containing jumper cables.  Total loss including damages was $520.00.



Petty Theft - 24900 The Old Road

The victim was showing a gold watch to a white male adult who had expressed interest in the item on a garage sale type app.  The victim stated while the suspect was looking at the watch, he suddenly ran away with the watch in an unknown direction.  Total loss was $400.00.


Tip of the Week: Selling Personal Items Using Online/App Services

There are many different online and app services that allow us to buy and sell personal items, both online and using cellphone apps.  Though these services are convenient and often free of charge, we need to be careful how we use them.  In many cases, people have had the items stolen, accepted fraudulent methods of payment, or even been assaulted.  It is so important that we use these services safely.  Here are some tips to help you use these services safely:

NEVER give a person your home address, and do not arrange meetings at your home or their home.

Make arrangements to meet the person in a public place where other people will be present, such as a coffee shop.  Someone with ill intentions would be less likely to try something in a room full of witnesses.

Bring a friend or family member with you when you do the exchange.  Again, someone with ill intentions would be less likely to try something with an additional witness.

If you are selling something, only accept CASH, and for the exact amount.  This will prevent you from accepting a fraudulent check or providing change on a large denomination counterfeit bill.

If you are purchasing something, pay in CASH.  Never pay by check, or by using your debit/credit card.  You are basically handing all your account information to a stranger, who may use that later to make fraudulent purchases.

For high valued items such as jewelry, autos, electronics, etc., you may want to bring someone with you who has knowledge of such items and can validate their authenticity, condition, and value.