LOS ANGELES COUNTY — The Los Angeles County Metro Board of Directors unanimously approved a motion by Supervisor Kathryn Barger and co-authored by Director Ara Najarian to conduct an in-depth study of the northern segment of the Metrolink Antelope Valley Line.

“The Antelope Valley Line plays a critical role in North Los Angeles County and carries the third highest ridership in Metrolink’s commuter rail system,” said Supervisor Barger.  “With the passage of Measure M, our region will have opportunities to implement critical projects; and the results of this study can be used to help guide Metro, Metrolink and our north county subregion to best achieve our goals and maximize service on this line.”

The study will focus on the line’s northern segment between Burbank and Lancaster and will analyze optimal service frequencies and the status of existing tracks, culverts, tunnels, crossings and other infrastructure that may limit service.  The motion also calls for the study to include recommendations of needed infrastructure and capital improvements and a cost-benefit analysis with prioritization of improvements.

Currently, a trip from the Antelope Valley to Union Station can take more than two hours with speeds averaging just 35 miles per hour.  There are also gaps in service throughout the day which further discourages ridership.  According to Metrolink, the Antelope Valley Line reduces the equivalent of one lane of traffic from major freeways during peak commute hours and removes approximately 1 million weekday automobile trips per year.

Previous reports authorized by the Metro Board made progress in addressing some of the service issues on the Antelope Valley Line, but today’s board action is the first to authorize a comprehensive study of the line’s northern segment.