As always with the schools, there is going to be congestion twice per day with the drop off and pick up of students. Drivers need to be extra patient in these areas to help traffic flow. They also need to be extra vigilant in these areas as sometimes younger children will make unexpected movements, not understanding the consequences. Please slow down, stay off you phone, and keep your eyes on the road. The LASD absolutely want to avoid injuries to pedestrians, drivers, and damage to property or vehicles.

Some helpful tips are:

- If you want to try and avoid some of the traffic, try to leave a few minutes earlier. If you arrive at the school within a few minutes of the bell ringing, you are going to be in heavy traffic at just about every school. Check your school and see what time the campus opens to help with this.

- If you have the ability to work out a carpool with friends, and or neighbors, please do so. This will lower the number of cars arriving at the school.

- If you are just dropping your child off at the school, have them ready to go when they get into your car. Try to avoid getting to the school, stopping in traffic and having to unload from the trunk, back seat, etc.

- Have your child exit your car from the passenger side of the vehicle (curb side). We want to avoid them exiting your car in lanes of traffic.

- Do not let your child out across the street from the school and have them run across a congested roadway.

- Do not stop in the middle of the roadway and let your child out in the middle of the street (yes, this happens to often).

From all of his here at the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station, stay safe and drive safe.