WE'RE STEPPING IN TO HELP YOU." Principals, assistant principals and school resource deputies met Friday morning at the Newhall School District Office with SCV Sheriff's Captain Robert Lewis and Superintendent Paul Cordeiro.

Many schools hold pre-arranged lockdown drills School Resource Deputy Tom Drake explained.

"We're going to start holding 'impromptu' drills at elementary schools, " said Drake, "because in real life you never know when staff is going to get a moment's notice to lockdown."

Newhall District Superintendent Cordeiro reached out to SCV Sheriff's Station to arrange additional training for his staff at ten different elementary schools within the district. He wants to make sure that in case of an emergency lockdown, his administrators and teachers know exactly what to do.

Captain Lewis thanked the group for reaching out, "This is a partnership between us and you," said Lewis, "as law enforcement our job is to prepare you, and we want to prepare you for the unexpected."