The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control would like to remind all pet owners to keep your pets in a safe, cool, and comfortable place while enjoying the Holiday festivities.

“Our pet community is typically frightened by the sounds of this holiday, and that is

perfectly understandable,” said Marcia Mayeda, the Department’s Director. “They react to the sounds and bright flashes of fireworks, which may trigger the fight or flight instinct. The fight instinct could cause a friendly pet to bite out of fear and the flight instinct would cause them to run from the noise and excitement,” Mayeda said. This is one of DACC’s busiest holidays which send dogs fleeing onto busy streets and freeways or running scared far from home. Cats feel the same anxiety, but generally find a dark place to hide at home until the festivities subside.

To ensure the safety of your pets, here are a few tips:

•              Make sure your pet’s license is current and be sure the tags are securely affixed to your pet’s collar.

•              Microchip your pet.

•              Keep your pets indoors in a cool, comfortable place with some “white noise” distraction such as a radio or television.

•              Do not keep your pets in the backyard or tied up. Dogs, in particular, may panic and injure themselves on a rope or chain.

•              Do not take your pets to community fireworks events. Most events do not allow

•              pets. The noise and other activities at these events can easily surprise and frighten your pet.

•              If you are leaving town for the weekend and cannot take your pets with you, make sure you leave them with someone who will be cautious and responsible during the 4th of July celebrations.

•              Make sure your property is secured, including backyard fences, gates, or any other openings where a pet might fit through if they accidentally escape.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July everyone!