(dailynews.com) Officials at the Valencia-based amusement park led a hard-hat tour of the fenced-off area where the 17-story ride occupying about three-quarters of the new boardwalk area will open this summer. When it does, passengers will experience the weightless thrill of being strapped to the outside of a rotating wheel at the end of a pendulum arm as it whips back and forth at up to speeds of 75 miles an hour.

But as of Friday, May 18, the only signs of the new ride was a large concrete slab and footers.

The structure will go up in late May.

Officials also offered a glimpse of what was formerly Sandblasters and is now Jammin’ Bumpers, featuring colorful new bumper cars, flashing colored lights and music that can be programmed to accommodate Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park themes.

The bumper car ride, which dates back to the original Magic Mountain amusement park, is also visible.

“When you walk by the midway, you can see there’s a ride here,” said Sue Carpenter, the park’s communications manager, explaining that the removal of hedges has made it possible not only to see Jammin’ Bumpers but the newly painted Scrambler.

A shade structure has yet to be installed over the ride in this boardwalk area, which is splashed in colors of seafoam green, blue, orange and yellow.

Other features of the new boardwalk will include a beer and wine patio next to the newly painted Johnny Rockets. A new soccer game and updated restrooms are now open to the public.