The first week of May has been celebrated as Public Service Recognition Week since 1985. Throughout the country – mayors, governors, communities and public service organizations honor the men and women who serve our nation as federal, state, county and local government employees. These civil servants hold a wide range of important jobs, from teachers to mail carriers and transit workers to law enforcement officers.

Throughout the history of our nation, civil servants have made life-changing contributions to the way we live. Did you know…

•          The Department of Defense developed GPS technology.

•          The CAT scan, which helps physicians diagnose cancer, brain disorders and other diseases, was invented by a public servant.

•          The first person to set foot on the moon, Neil Armstrong, was a public service employee.

•          The “Do Not Call” list was created and implemented by a team of government employees.

•          Most children in America are educated by public school teachers.

•          More than two million public employees protect our nation through service in our armed forces.

Here in Santa Clarita your local public servants are hard at work day in and day out, helping to make our City the amazing place it is to live, work and play. City of Santa Clarita employees are responsible for doing everything from maintaining our 34 beautiful parks to installing energy efficient fixtures in our street lights. They pave our streets, build community amenities like libraries, community centers and bridges, and create programming for our children to learn new skills. Your City staff, and employees at all levels of public service, work every day to keep your city, state, and country safe and thriving.

To learn more about Public Service Recognition Week, please visit publicservicerecognitionweek.org.