Actually, I have four wishes.  The wish I could have the new year as a genie granting wishes instead as a tyrant demanding follow-through with the new year’s resolutions.  Okay, let’s just say this I make this space my genie.  And so here are my three wishes for my new year’s genie. 

WISH NUMBER ONE FOR 2018 :  America’s young people are properly prepped on the threatening homelessness drainer.   Certainly if real life were a high school, America would be flunking the course on the homelessness crisis.  And this even as there has been so much political rhetoric about homelessness decreasing even while it has been actually been increasing, increasing and increasing.

And a lot of this increase is due to the fact that now for the first time since the Great Depression the very young are joining America’s millions of homeless, making the problem more problematic than it has ever been – homelessness  on America’s every floor now in every American city.  Certainly the math explains this.  There are still a certain large percentage of American families who kick their teenagers out either after high school graduation or their 18th birthday, whatever is legal and sooner.  Today America’s dumb parents (and America has tons of dump parents now) are dumping their kids out into the streets of the homeless

The schools I can say from my personal experience have been no help at all.  In all my days in California schools I seen and heard  an enormous amount of nonsense but I have not anything that will help a high school student who is shortly about to become homeless on the year of his high school graduation. 

So my first wish for 2018 I to see something – a class, at least – that will teach any high school student including those who may immediately become homeless about how to protect yourself in this kind of chaos.

WISH NUMBER TWO FOR 2018:  AMERICA’S POLICE OFFICERS RECEIVE THE EDUCATION THAT ANY PROFESSIONAL NEEDS TO WORK: Question – who is the least-educated professional in America?  Oh you already know the answer to that, don’t you?  But the tragedy of the American police officer being the least educated professional in the nation is that their uneducated condition forces them to act unprofessional.

In fact, in my own experience perhaps because I am a white man is that I have never heard a black person tell me personally of being of being unprofessionally mistreated by a police officer. And yet I have had at least three white friends --- people whose nature does not get them into trouble under any normal circumstances – who have told me harrowing reports of their mistreatment by their own police whose salaries are paid by my friends’ taxes.

So why don’t police departments hire college graduates, instead of avoiding recruiting any reasonably educated person?  One of the problems is a backed -up tradition of poor education that leaves the officers who hire with such meager educations themselves that they have no desire to hire anyone with a better education,

And yet it’s hard for me to forget the words of an Enterprise Car Rental manager who told me why Enterprise hires only university graduates for even the simplest Enterprise entry jobs.  It is because Enterprise learned through their actuary experience that they have a great deal less liability when every person working for Enterprise is a university grad,

Of course, that is also true of the FBI.  Nobody calls the FBI crime fighters unprofessional or that they are liability risks in the workplace. That has because every FBI agent not only has to be a university graduate, but also he or she has to have an impressive university record and come highly recommended from fellow community members.

FINAL WISH NUMBER THREE FOR 2018:  That the surgeon-general finally establishes an unbiased and serious longitudinal study that compares the vaccine records of extremely young American children with the frequency of their study group developing autism. 

And make it public as soon as possible.

Because I have always found personally that it is the lack of truth that creates all the unnecessary fear.

Chris Sharp- Commentary

Chris Sharp is an Educator and a prize-winning professional writer. He has recently published a new book titled How to Like a Human Being . Sharp's latest book is an Amazon Kindle collection of his published short stories, Every Kind of Angel . His commentaries represent his own opinions and not necessarily the views of any organization he may be affiliated with or those of The SCV Beacon