(By Chris Sharp) Over most of the past decade, the Beacon in this space has at this time of year honored an American or a group of Americans as a Profile in Courage as a standard bearer for the rest of us.  This doesn’t mean in my research for these stories that I have discovered who was the bravest of all Americans over the year. I am sure that no human being can measure that. However, we have settled every year on profiling what is truly an extraordinary situation of courage among Americans.

On this past July 7, just three after a patriotic July 4 and within days of two controversial officer-involved shootings of African Americans in Minnesota and Louisiana, the Dallas police force was protecting a rally in reaction to the shootings when they were ambushed by a military-trained sniper who wounded 12 police officers, five fatally.

At the outset of the shooting, the first priority of the officers – before they did anything else – was to protect the protesters of the previous shootings.

Eventually the sniper was killed by a bomb brought to the site by a mobile police bomb.

For the ten Dallas Police David Brown, the worst police killing in Dallas history was more than just another personal challenge.  At a press conference on July 11, Brown told a room filled with reporters in his situation as an African-American chief presiding over a crime scene created by an African-American army veteran of the Afghan War, "Through the grace of God I can stand here and do my job."

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