David Rubira, 40, pled no contest today in Superior Court to embezzling public funds for personal use.  Rubira embezzled $533,000 over a four-year period from the City of Santa Clarita in his former job as an assistant engineer.  He was sentenced to four years in State prison and ordered to make full restitution to the City of Santa Clarita.

Rubira was arrested on May 31, 2016 following an extensive investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.  Shortly thereafter, Rubira was terminated from his employment with the City of Santa Clarita. 

The City subsequently hired KPMG to complete a forensic audit immediately following information received from the Sheriff’s Department regarding the then-alleged embezzlement.

“We are pleased that Mr. Rubira will be punished for his crimes and violation of the public’s trust,” commented Ken Striplin, City Manager.

Rubira oversaw developer funds deposited as part of the permit entitlement process.  These funds were required by the City and were held pending completion of required work by developers as part of their project in the City.