The City of Santa Clarita is embarking on a Broadband Feasibility Study to examine broadband availability, needs and policies surrounding wireless and fiber infrastructure. As part of this study, the City will review how effectively businesses and anchor institutions, such as schools, colleges and healthcare organizations, are being served with the existing broadband infrastructure available in the community.

The City has contracted with Magellan Advisors, the nation’s leading broadband and smart city consulting firm, to conduct and assist in the development of this Broadband Feasibility Study. Representatives from Magellan Advisors will meet with community representatives, anchor institutions and businesses to understand their specific broadband needs, determine the “State of Broadband,” document the challenges and needs of specific stakeholders and propose solutions.

In order to make well-informed decisions that meet the needs of the business community, the City of Santa Clarita is asking business owners to participate in an online survey that will help identify ways to improve affordable access to high-speed Internet in the City.  After the survey closes, the City and Magellan will facilitate focus groups to better understand the needs of the business community.

A link to the survey will be made available on the homepage of ThinkSantaClarita.com. For more information, please contact Denise Covert, Economic Development Associate, at (661) 284-1411 or dcovert@santa-clarita.com.