Santa Clarita Mayor Bob Kellar has already served as mayor of the city several times and has belonged to the Santa Clarita City Council since the year 2000 -- for most of its existence.  A former non-combatant Green Beret in telecommunications during the Vietnam War era, he was a 25-year officer in the LAPD that included being an instructor at the Police Academy.  Here are Bob Kellar’s answers to the same questions being asked to some of his opposing candidates for this year’s city council offices.

1)    What do you believe you bring to the table this time around in Santa Clarita City Hall from your years here?

I bring a great deal of experience and knowledge regarding the many issues facing our city. Also, I maintain a very fine working relationship with those that can help resolve matters.

2)    Santa Clarita is still a young city Do you see the city as being more seasoned now than it was when it was having a problematic time with issues even like garbage collection contracts?

We are definitely more seasoned but issues will continue to come forward as they do for all cities.

Santa Clarita's infrastructure has only continued to improve since cityhood.  

3)    Have you ever thought  of moving into another political leadership office?  If so, what other office would be most tempting for you?

My political leadership has always been but one thing; that is the city of Santa Clarita.

4)    This year, the spotlight is on a new style of campaign, introduced by Donald Trump.  It has been described as minimizing elaboration on the issues and instead concentrating on pinning pejorative adjectives on an opponent for months on end, such as in “Low Energy” Jeb Bush and “Lyin' Ted Cruz.”  With Trump’s early successes with these tactics, do you see other candidates up and down local and state offices trying to use these techniques?

I do not monitor other people’s campaigns.  I only work hard to be truthful and open regarding my own campaign.


5)    Say a family with young children from the Midwest landed a good job in Los Angeles.  What would be the advantage for them moving into the city of Santa Clarita instead of moving somewhere closer to where they worked?

I would tell any new person to Southern California to visit Los Angeles and then our city of Santa Clarita.  Nothing more needs to be said.

6)    What is the strongest aspect of life in Santa Clarita?

We should all take great pride in recognizing that this is a city that is safe, very much family oriented, and enjoys a strong financial position of being rated by Standard and Poor’s with a "AAA" rating.  

7)    What aspect of Santa Clarita is weakest that needs to some more work and attention?

Presently traffic, congestion is a major concern for all our citizens.  This issue is being aggressively addressed at city hall in order to establish relief. 

8)    Do you feel Santa Clarita is as safe a city as it had claimed to be when it was incorporated in 1987? Why or why not?

Santa Clarita continues to be one of the safest cities in America according to FBI statistics for cities of similar size.  

9)    Here is a question whose answer should interest people - who will get your vote for president this year?


10) In your long overview of the Santa Clarita Valley, can any positive lesson be salvaged from the recent Sand Canyon and Stevenson Ranch fires that burned down nearly twenty homes and killed a resident this past month, perhaps even in making better choices of pruning fire fuel away from homes in these areas?

We only need to look at the mountains around our valley to realize we live in a fire danger area.  Therefore, it is extremely important our citizens living near brush areas take extra precautions to protect their properties and homes.

 Chris Sharp— Commentary Interview

Chris Sharp is an Educator and a prize-winning professional writer. He has recently published a new book titled How to Like a Human Being . His commentaries represent his own opinions and not necessarily the views of any organization he may be affiliated with or those of The SCV Beacon