The City of Santa Clarita will construct a new landscaped median on Railroad Avenue between 13th Street and Oak Ridge Drive as part of the Railroad Avenue Beautification Project. Construction will begin in February 2014 and complete in June 2014, with the majority of the roadwork conducted between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. 

The Railroad Avenue Beautification project is designed to enhance one of the major thoroughfares and gateways into Santa Clarita with aesthetics that are more consistent with the City’s Landscape Maintenance District standards.

“The maintenance and beautification of local roadways is a high priority for The City of Santa Clarita, and the Railroad Avenue Beautification Project exemplifies this mission,” said Mayor Laurene Weste. “By investing in high-quality landscape projects within the public right-of-way, the City is helping to beautify our community and improve property values for years to come.”

During construction, Railroad Avenue will be restriped to continue to allow for two lanes of traffic in both directions. When completed, the new landscaped median will include stamped concrete and drought-resistant shrubs and trees to further improve the look of the median and allow for eco-friendly water management. The $2,000,000 project is funded through the City’s Landscape Maintenance District Fund.