(by Dave Bossert) I wrote about the Santa Clarita City Council election earlier this past year. It will most likely start to heat up in the next few weeks with a barrage of candidates jockeying for position. One thing for sure is that it will be a very pivotal election that has the potential to significantly change the not only the City but the entire Santa Clarita Valley.

This past year I have been contacted by numerous candidates, potential candidates, and interested individuals regarding the City Council elections. Some were testing the waters; others were looking for support and a few were just really concerned about the possibility of “the crazies” taking over. The common denominator was that they all see a need for change in the stale corridors of City Hall.

Change is a difficult pill to swallow for some. Most people like to be in a comfort zone and just resist any kind of change because it requires effort. I love change because it creates opportunities and energizes everyone. Change can be a very positive thing for any organization or, in our case, a community because it is an opportunity to reassess how things are being done and look for efficiencies; better ways to make things work.

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