LOS ANGELES, CA – On Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved more than $12.7 million as the first installment to replace the County Assessor’s antiquated technology systems. This systems upgrade is the primary initiative undertaken by newly-elected Los Angeles County Assessor Jeffrey Prang and his staff.

 This technology upgrade guides the creation and management of Los Angeles County’s $1.2 trillion assessment roll, which includes the assessment of each of the County’s 2.6 million properties. The assessment roll results in the accurate assessment of billions of dollars of revenue which funds social services and programs such as schools, public safety, hospitals, and countless quality of life services in local communities.

 “We have been preparing for the modernization of our internal technology for several years; today represents our first major step towards more efficient operations,” said Assessor Jeffrey Prang. “The Assessor’s Office plays a foundational role in County government and is where all County programs and services begin, with an enormous impact each year on the lives of millions of LA County residents. I thank the Board of Supervisors for taking this first significant step by approving this modernization project that will allow us to do our important work on behalf of all LA County residents more accurately and efficiently.”

 "The Assessor’s Office has been working hard to get this right,” said Supervisor Ridley-Thomas to Assessor Prang before today’s vote. “You have brought a sense of professionalism and integrity to the Assessor's Office. We see this modernization as part of that effort. We thank you for that and we simply want to assist you in any way to make it better."

 The current technology systems used by the Office of the Assessor includes over 120 aging applications that are not well integrated, relying on outdated green-screen technology that is substantially paper-based, inflexible, and inefficient for staff. The current system also makes it difficult for the Office of the Assessor and other County departments to respond to taxpayer inquiries in an efficient and responsive manner.

The new technology replacement project will construct a modern assessment roll database, rewrite the interface for both computers and mobile devices, build data storage and Proposition 13 functionality that will increase staff productivity, and contribute to the Assessor’s Open Data initiative. The project will also consolidate existing databases into a single, easily-accessible system. All Assessor employees will have complete access to all data, thus eliminating lengthy delays required to research paper records or access different systems.

Once completed, the new technology system will be much more user-focused and user-friendly. The public will have direct access to information and benefit from faster responses to their questions. Furthermore, the Assessor’s modernization project will set new standards for transparency and accuracy, while supporting modern and future business and compliance requirements. Finally, the project will implement advanced security features will protect sensitive County and public information.