(By Chris Sharp) When I was growing up (so many centuries ago), I didn’t really realize I was living in a musical world.  Of course, I sometimes heard music.  Sometimes I even heard it being played in a store, but not most stores. The retailer usually had to have two or three stories and an elevator for music to qualify.  Probably for that reason department store music was then also called “elevator music,” but that Muzak had not yet reached into boutiques or restaurants.

Today, that has all changed.  The music is now in our boutiques and our restaurants. We are starting to live in a purely musical world.  And today the music has gone far beyond our multi-floor department stores their elevators.  Truly there are there are not many cities that have as much evidence of our society becoming a musical eco-system as is Santa Clarita and its non-stop concerts in the park series.

I came to Santa Clarita in 1988 from New York City, where I had been a rather casual fan of the city’s concerts in the park – of course, Central Park.  Curiously, even Central Park in what New Yorkers call their most musical city in the world – because of all the Broadway musicals that feast on box office money there – is not as musical as Santa Clarita’s once-a-week musical concert series in the months of July and August.

Moreover, my own personal experience with the Santa Clarita Concerts series is that there are so many people crowding this Californian little version of Central Park and that if the series were to be extended even beyond its present wide seasonal boundaries, Santa Clarita’s own Central Park would continue to be cluttered with wall-to-wall people.

What then?  Or what is the purpose of writing about this when things are going so well with the way music is filling up Santa Clarita that well?  What is there for me to criticize?

Only that we should be preparing for our lives to become more musical than ever.

For some time, the world’s top physicists have been expending the evidence of what has been referred to as “The String Theory” of the universe, where the universe is being viewed not as the Big Bang but as the ultimate Big Band, creating action and life with the vibrating musical strings inside every atom, sort of like recreating the Czar’s War against Napoleon in the 1812 Overture.

But even in our public schools – where I dwell on my working days – music is creeping in where it never was before.  Today, students in public schools can be found listening to music on earphones or with earplugs as they are completing daily assignments in the classroom.

At first sight of this, teachers like me rebelled. I used to say:

“If I am to get a brain operation some years ahead and one of you is my brain surgeon, I am not going feel very good seeing my brain surgeon hip hopping into the OR with a musical earplug in his ear.”

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