In her book W(h)ine author Jennifer Todryk takes the idea that we parents drink wine because our kids make us nuts – something everyone has at least thought of or actually said out loud at least once – and expanded on that thought to a great, and hilarious, extent!

For every possible bad behavior scenario Todryk has the solution: the wine to pair it with, and kind of remarkably, why that particular wine is her choice. Every page has a “pairing” that will make you giggle. And, if you are serious about your wine, take note, Todryk gives you a few tasting notes for every wine she suggests. (She also tells readers, right from the start, that this book is strictly satire and does not condone alcoholism.)

My favorite pairings included why Riesling goes with baby poop and boxed wines are best for new parents. I also learned a new way to open wine and learned a little about a few varietals I didn’t know of before.

The book ends with more fun: “The Periodic Table of WHine” simplifies the pairings into like groups. Why is this necessary? Because further back in the book the reader will find the corresponding stickers. So when the behavior arises, and you pair it with the wine, you can record it with the sticker in the appropriate “pairings” section of the Periodic Table. If you don’t get what I’m trying to explain…buy the book. The details are all below:

From Press Release

Did your daughter just get out of bed for the twelfth time to ask for a glass of water? We've got the perfect rosé to pair with your exhausted sanity. Did your son just have a very public meltdown in the middle of the grocery store? May we suggest a nice Pinot to pick up on your way home and ease away your humiliation? Does the battle cry “Math is stupid!” make you want to retreat to the nearest bed and weep? Try a Syrah to help get you out from under the covers and back into the fray to defend the honor (and necessity) of fractions!

W(h)ine fearlessly offers fifty perfect pairings to match your child's rotten, ridiculous, and infuriatingly un-fun behavior!

There are chapters overflowing with essential information such as:

• Top 20 Signs You’re a Wine Mom (or Dad)!

• Screw it! How to Open a Wine Bottle without a Corkscrew

• Wine Pairings

• The Periodic Table of W(h)ine (see below)

• Weary Parent Wines: A Quick Look-Up Guide

and yes, there is more (and I don’t mind if I do)!

As a bonus, each wine featured in the book comes with a sticker, so every time you sample a wine to match a rotten behavior, go ahead and add it to the Periodic Table of W(h)ine that folds out of the book. The sticker groupings will help you determine if your child has behavior problems, attitude problems, or just plain bad DNA!

So whether you like your "juice" from the glass, the bottle, or the box, this is the perfect book to wine your way through the joys of real life parenting, from rotten-bottom babies to hormonal high-schoolers. Cheers m’dears!

Jennifer Todryk is the sarcastic redhead behind the popular parenting blog Life as a Rambling Redhead. She had only been blogging for seven weeks when her post, "Top 6 Wines That Pair Best with Your Child's Crappy Behavior," went viral. She lives in Dallas, Texas, with her husband, two child-beasts, and a master's degree in sarcasm.

W(h)INE by Jennifer Todryk

Race Point Publishing

$16.99 US / $21.99 CAN

Hardcover /10.25” x 12.25” / 128 pp / 60 illus.

April 18, 2017 / ISBN: 9781631063350

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