A very cute box arrived at my UPS office for pick up - yes that’s how people like me do it that get a lot of wine shipped for review – with an adorable owl on pictured on the outside, two pairs of shiny sunglasses and a rosé wine, with the same owl etched on the bottle, on the inside. Quite a marketing investment in my eyes, so I looked forward to sampling this “Day Owl” Rosé.

We are launching a new wine in select markets (CA, FL, IL, NY and TX) …The wine is called Day Owl and is named for the person who makes the most out of every day. It’s a unique Rose in that it’s made with Barbera, an Italian varietal that is meant to be enjoyed now. Fresh and lively, it’s a modern California Rose that is sure to be a hit this summer. And priced at $15, it falls right within that sweet spot.

2016 Day Owl California Rosé

Tasting Notes

A lovely color of dark peach, the kind that has a splash of red across all that fuzz. Aromas included strawberry, cranberry, pink grapefruit and white to green peppercorn. On the mouth the fruit flavors paled a bit, with lingering grapefruit alone, some florals and a low to medium acid. 87 Eve pts.

From the Website


Day sippers, day trippers—this one’s for you. Seize this crisp, fruit forward California Rosé by the bottle and embark on the bright day ahead. Nighttime’s for catching Z’s. The day belongs to Rosé.


Emboldened by vivacious dark cherry, dried strawberry, plum, lavender, and vanilla, Barbera is akin to Nebbiolo’s spunky, scandalous little sister. Like the best things in life, this Italian varietal is meant to be enjoyed young (aka now), so seize the moment. Bright, citrusy, and effortlessly cool, this versatile wine pairs perfectly with whatever the day throws at it.


Our winemakers aren’t simply interested in crafting sophisticated, world class wines—they want each bottle to shine with passion and heart. Mark Rasmussen is a leading California winemaker with more than 35 years of winemaking experience; he crafts fine wines that garner prestigious awards (and win over the crowd at your next dinner party). Kryss Speegle is a globe trotting winemaker who’s crafted acclaimed wines in Napa, Germany, and New Zealand and taught courses at wine academies near and far. Together they produced Day Owl, a rosé dedicated to living life to the fullest, seizing each day—and most importantly—savoring the moment.



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