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ElectionsVoteMy editor Michael Perlis knows all about Carlisle Winery, and has for a number of years, so in this one bottle post I will give you my impressions of this one bottle alone. If you want to know more about winemaker/owner Mike Officer or the vineyard p(more..)

ElectionsVoteThere are usually more than one reason we become fans of a particular winery: an outstanding line-up of varietals, a feeling of connectivity with the people that work with the winery, a tasting experience that lingers in your memory and maybe a chanc(more..)

ElectionsVoteVin Decanter is a book for the novice wine consumer. Written and presented in an accessible way to reduce the complexity of the subject…Chris Madden is a teacher with over twenty-five years experience of working in education. Post-graduate stu(more..)

ElectionsVoteL.A.’s Top Bartenders Celebrated “Six Years of Cocktails, Community and A Great Cause” during the sixth Art Beyond The Glass held at Los Globos in LA on June 25... Proceeds from ABTG VI will go to The Moth, the award-winning no(more..)

ElectionsVoteWente Vineyards has been around forever (see below, since 1912 to be exact) and I’ve had my fair share. It was with pleasure that I got to sample three different Chardonnays, and with surprise that the one I enjoyed the most sells for only $15.(more..)

ElectionsVoteLast week we attended one of our favorite wine events, Wine in the Pines in Pine Mountain Club about an hour from Santa Clarita. Why is it a favorite? The venue is incomparable – you are in a mountain community, filled with flora and fauna, and(more..)

ElectionsVoteDid you know that a thriving wine country exists in Silicon Valley’s backyard? Santa Clara Valley is home to over two-dozen wineries, of every size and shape, from long established (since the 18th century) family operations to relatively s(more..)

ElectionsVoteBefore attending this year’s Second Annual Masters of Taste event I was already getting excited because not only was it a unique event held on the actual field of the Rose Bowl, with adult beverages and famous chefs, it also reminded me of my o(more..)

ElectionsVoteIn her book W(h)ine author Jennifer Todryk takes the idea that we parents drink wine because our kids make us nuts – something everyone has at least thought of or actually said out loud at least once – and expanded on that thought to a gr(more..)

ElectionsVoteBeing honest, I saw this as query on Facebook about favorite dishes at favorite restaurants. It had dozens of answers that I didn’t read. Why? Because I was already thinking of my own answers, and how soon I could get these faves – that I(more..)

ElectionsVoteA very cute box arrived at my UPS office for pick up - yes that’s how people like me do it that get a lot of wine shipped for review – with an adorable owl on pictured on the outside, two pairs of shiny sunglasses and a rosé wine, (more..)

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