The Time Ranger

ElectionsVoteA warm and Western first week of Spring to you, dear saddlepals. The air is fresh, the sky is clear. It seems a perfect morning to mosey through a time vortex and visit what our Santa Clarita Valley looked like in years gone by. C’mon. Let&rsq(more..)

ElectionsVotePhew. Just flew in from Oklahoma not just 20 minutes ago and I won’t even go near one of those “boy howdy are my arms tired” tired jokes. Was visiting some pals at the national Cowboy Hall of Fame and Museum. I mention that because(more..)

ElectionsVoteTake off your Stetsons, O’Farrell’s and Bailey toppers. Raise your right hands. Bow your heads. By the power vested in me, I’ve just deputized all of you to sleep in. A whole bunch. Whenever you wake up, we’ll start our trail (more..)

ElectionsVoteBoy howdy, don’t mean to scare you, but we’ve got a rather spooky trail ride up ahead in the yesteryears of Santa Clarita. Yes. We’ve got the obligatory movie stars, gee whiz facts and amazing sightings. But we’ve also got a (more..)

ElectionsVoteA tip of the O’Farrell 1000X to you, saddlepals. Looks like a glorious morn to go exploring. We won’t be happy to just peruse the distant trails. Nope. We’re going to button up our dusters, wrap a kerchief around our hats and go he(more..)

ElectionsVoteYou’ll have to excuse me, but I am plumb enthusiastic over our trail ride. I think it’s going to be rather epic and unique. Next to Buffalo Tom overturning a train in 1928, we’ve got the second worst train robbery in SCV history. T(more..)

ElectionsVoteFriends. Neighbors. Democrats. We have ourselves one epic trail ride through local history ahead. I mean to tell you: Epic. If you’re perusing this over breakfast (and I hope you’re not reading in church) you’re going to need mor(more..)

ElectionsVoteMake sure you’re wearing your winter duds. There’s snow ahead in our time traveling forecast. We’ve also the weirdest darn traffic accident in local history to go along with an entire passel of heroes, villains and gee whiz events. (more..)

ElectionsVoteFoof and boy howdy. We’ve a sometimes dangerous trek into the back trails of yesteryear, what with vicious attack dogs, cattle rustlers, one of the harshest op/eds ever to run in America. Gasp. C’mon, dear neighbors and saddlepals. Hol(more..)

ElectionsVoteC’mon. Hop up in that saddle and let’s go mosey into simpler times...   (PHOTO CAPTION: This week in 1987, the larger-than-life director, John Huston, was in town, filming a movie in a Rye Canyon warehouse. Huston was in his declin(more..)

ElectionsVoteI couldn’t help but note. Some of you more heartier souls are starting to climb up into the saddle wearing tees and polo shirts. Well. And pants, hats and boots as well. But you might want to bring a jacket. And some woolly chaps and gloves. T(more..)

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